we got the verdict.

its mono. thank you so much to whoever gave it to me. you deserve a sticker. you're a gem. haha jk!! slightly upset though. my tonsils are covered with white leisions, i cant even swallow, my head throbs. i'm sure all of you want to know all this. its not fun. if anyone would like to tutor the lovely lady, gimme a call. and i'll take visitors too! pick or take. i thought i would enjoy laying in bed for YEARS. nope. not fun. gimme medicine, gimme nyquil. i dont care. no one will come near me because i'm "infested" as my dad calls it.
well..the good news is, i have a way hot camo band-aid on my right arm. i totally forget my arm is throbbing from getting my blood drawn because when i start to hurt, i just look at the cute adhesive strip.

i know i'm dramatic, but its been a rough week. you finally realize who cares.

p.s. they took my picture at the doctors office for "record" but i didnt really mind because everyone knows how sexy you are when you've beeen in bed for eighty-thousand hours. yes!


  1. skylar mckell. i want you to know that i would have called or texted you to see where the hecka you've been... but! my parents have my phone, dang it :( I hope you're feeling better my little lady. I love you!

  2. I know how this is now- sick as a dog and literally I wish someone would shoot me.
    Never knew how bad it was til you catch it yourself. Kill me. please.