sixteen months.

geeeez has life been crazy. i've worked a lot lately so its hard to find time to blog, especially when i'm tryng to catch up on my school work. anyways! sixteen months from today mom left me. thats not okay, alright? its just not. i still miss her like crazy. its weird to think about all the things she has missed. i started working at the pizza factory. i made the cheer team at timp. i've gone to my first school dances. i've gotten my first credit card. (; i've had new relationships. its just been hard. sixteen months is a freakin long time! its been rough.

the judd family:
i spent most of my snow day hanging out with this awesome family. i cant get enough of them. like really i have tried living with them, and we all know how that went. but being around them makes me happier than anything. cory and i are closer than i ever thought we'd be. i know i can go to him when i need advice about life. gen is my best friend. she truly is. and jordyn brings me so much joy. such a cute little girl. i couldn't have gotten through this past year and four months without them as an example and a friend.

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