Christmas Break!!!!!

oh how this break has brought me joy. i've laid around and slept more than seems healthy. but i've also had my share of fun:)
1. went to Black Swan.
2. made a snowman:)
3. went to The Chocolate.
4. bought a lot of presents.
5. gotten an icee every night!
6. looked at Christmas lights.
7. had a photoshoot.
8. swapped presents with loved ones!
9. had like four sleepovers.
10. went to walmart every. single. day. :)

more to come! life is good when you make it that way.



i freakin love this kid! we've gotten so close lately and i cannot believe he's going on a mission. the New York Utica Mission. he will do awesome! i'm gonna miss him so much!


epic. sunday.

me and my new buddies decided to go sledding on sunday. truly was so fun. we also did donuts in allen's parking lot, got hot chocolate at wills, attacked people in a gorilla suit, peed in the snow..*kenz*, went around a roundabout a lot of times, and peed our pants laughing. memorable!


holy crap..sadies.

yeahh...i forgot to mention the fact that i went to SADIES! christopher melville happened to come with me! so fun! i was always dedicated to go to a dance with him because i believe one day he will be famous. now i have pictures to prove i once was friends with him :) beckham and spice definitely did arrive at the dance struttin their stuff! i had such an awesome time with him:) pictures will soon be posted!

the fall out..

so my best friend taryn made it clear that i am totally slacking on my blogging. tis is true! not a whole lot has happened. my best friends birthday was on saturday!! friday night we went and bought their present at the mall and then went and got dessert at the work place:) THE PF. saturday we had a bunch of people over to celebrate their happy day:) yesterday i worked. surprised? tonight i worked. not surprised; lets just clear that up. came home from work with a pint of cookie dough; nuff said. but life is good! one day at a time.


Fall Break!!!!

so this fall break was kind of a bitter sweet!! lets just say i worked a LOT of hours. well i happened to be working on friday night and it happened to be Lady's(Nancy; everyone calls her lady because she calls everyone lady. tehe) birthday! there was a cake and everything! it was so much fun:)


here comes a new addiction!

well everyone..my name is skylar! sometimes i feel like i dont have a life and i hear blogging can get quite addicted, so i caved in! who knows what i'll post, but whatever it is, it should be interesting! thanks for following :)