lets play catch up.

i'm gonna hurry and write down the things i need to talk about so i dont forget.
  • boys.
  • letters.
  • school; teachers.
  • redbox.
  • prom.
its been rough guys. getting over the boy. its not fun!! no one can say getting over someone is easy nor amusing. but i feel like it needs to be done. is it weird that i'm just done? like my feelings didnt necessarily change but i just feel like i'm done with that phase of my life. reality check: you wont marry your high school "significant" other. sorry! i hate that people really believe that. but we can agree to disagree. the new boy hasnt changed a whole bunch but i guess my feelings have grown? his sure havent. "i cant let my feelings take over because i refuse to be in a relationship." thats fine. i dont blame you. but you dont need to make me feel like an idiot.

i definitely wrote and sent my first letter to a missionary. weird! but i think it will be exhilarating getting letters. cant wait to hear the amazing stories. i cant tell you how much i love worthy missionaries and how much i despise unworthy missionaries. go for yourself! not your parents or bishop or girlfriend. it takes courage and commitment.

school; teachers.
term over. people excited? i couldnt be more thrilled. i refuse to look at my grades. lets just start fresh shall we? i decided last week was the begging week. "teacher what can i do to pass? extra credit quiz? hall pass? i'll do better next term." hahahaha priceless. so friday i'm sitting in government; aka the worst class known to man. not to mention i have it first period. well i decided; screw it. last day of the term and i'm exhausted, so i'm gonna sleep. my head was on the desk for maybe two minutes. then the stupid student teacher comes and taps me, "get your head up." k, news flash: i'm already sleeping in your class which means one of two things. 1. you're already on my bad list, so stop trying. or 2. maybe next time i just wont come at all and then tell all my friends how crappy of a teacher you are so you lose your job. HAH!

i definitely have a new obsession with redbox. now that i have a credit card i can actually get them. and i love NOTHING more than to run to ridleys, grab myself a bag of cookies and a chick flick from redbox and come crawl in bed to watch it. spoken like a true fat ass? i know. put it in the book! (inside joke; you're welcome gen)

guys, i got asked. i know, we all thought this day would never come.. well here we are. his name is samuel harris and i couldnt be more happy. still gotta answer him back and find a dress but yay! its a miracle.

yes! i did it. phewph.


  1. hahaha i remember gen's joke.

    so funny :)

  2. girl, i feel ya. getting over the boys is the WORST. yes, you know you won't marry them. its only high school, but when you've put your heart and soul into trusting someone? yeah. its hard.

    p.s. you were awarded:)