a reason.

i have a very strong belief that certain people come into your life for a very distinct reason.



so i decided its about time to post something about my good friend cass. over the past couple days ive realized how good of a friend she is! really, i'm so blessed to have a friend like her. lets be honest NO ONE would've thought that we'd not only come in contact, but become best friends. i'm gonna be honest, i judged cassidy. and i hate myself for it. she has shown how much she cares about our friendship more than any other friend! i love her so much. i know she would do anything for me! she would blow anyone off just to come over and listen to me vent about everything. she has been there when people have hurt me, and she's been there to keep my secrets;) she has listened to me babble about how amazing my mom was, and she's been there when i wanna sluff seminary. i hope i have been a good friend to her. she's amazing! love you cass.

....even though you're a murderer.;)


gotta love adult roles. in that class we got assigned husbands or wifes and the boy has to propose and then the happy couple has to plan the WHOLE wedding. like design a ring, plan refreshments, etc. k so we gotta write down a few people we wouldnt mind marrying. after the guys found out who their wife was gonna be, NONE of my guy friends had me. i was like great!! i have to plan a freakin wedding with a weirdo. so awkward!

as i thought. oh how wrong i was!! after a hard long day, just chilling in my room. i had just taken off my make up, wearing scrounge clothes..the doorbell rings. k i hate when the doorbell rings! it scares me so effing bad. but i decide to go get the door. no ones there. great! look down, there i see a paper. and it says, "becuase you make my <3 beat 1000 times...follow the hearts...

candy hearts down the path, around the driveway. so i follow em. tanner freakin halford is standing there with a rose. ahhh! i died. he's like "i have a question", gets down on one knee."will you marry me?" haha so cute! so glad i'm not stuck with a weirdo. this should be an easy project.:)



so slowly i'm realizing that school its extremely useless. i dont even try anymore! shower? why! wear cute, yet extremely uncomfortable clothes? why! i tend to ask myself these questions often. 

instead of A & B days, they should be called A$$ hard and Bloody Boring.  i think i have come to the conclusion that i shall just drop out and marry into money. i mean..coming from the words of my dad, "you can marry more in five minutes that you can make in a life time!"

total joke!..kinda. i will graduate high school, go to hair school, save a butt load of money and marry the man of my dreams. most days i believe he's not out there..and this is why.

today in adult roles we learned about marriage and compatible couples. a marriage is more like to work if the girl is more attractive then the boy. could that ever happen. we also learned that your marriage is more likely to be successful if the girl is oldest in the family, and the boy is youngest. GREAT! i'm gonna die and old maid.

how's this for a downer post? 

Kurt. William.

everyone, Bri had her baby!! they enduced her on monday but after 12 hours of hard labor but stubborn baby wouldnt turn!! she ended up having a c-section. none the less her beautiful baby boy was brought into the world. while bri was in labor beth texted me asking me what last words my mom was saying to her sixth grandchild before they came to Earth. definitely a bitter sweet. such a beautiful baby boy!!


prime day!

what a dang good day! so i had six am practice. not okay. then i fell on my head. also not okay. but after cheer practice i was just like k, today is going to be an awesome day! and it totally was. all my classes went really good! cam found out he gets to go tour byu campus on saturday night for their athletic program! and i asked a special someone to preference! hope the whole dress issue works out. also! bri got enduced today with her fourth child! still in labor so i'll definitely give you deets on that! going over the beth and scotts tonight for taco's and 'when in rome'! gotta love FHE:) everything seems to be working out..weird how that works!!


drama lines.

  • he ignores me.
  • i need a suitcase.
  • i dont like you and never will.
  • i hate this ugly house.
  • i'm gonna slam my door.
  • i'm not gonna put up with it MOM.
and i'm the devil child. this is what i have to deal with everyday.


i love this boy.

since i'm not allowed to post about this kid on facebook, i tunred to the blog! the boys name is cameron. and i cant tell ya how much i've been through with this kid. we've seen eachother through the best and worst of times. we have created some amazing memories together and no matter what happens, i will never forget him and all he has done for me. oh goodness..our rough parts have been rough. wow. i mean really! we both have very strong personalities. so it makes it hard! but our good times make up for it. oh boy! this kid is so amazing and he comforts me better than anyone! he knows exactly what to say to make things okay! i believe he'll always be a part of my life. i love you cam!



if someone doesnt trust you, all you can do is tell the truth. admitting to something you didnt do is compromising your integrity and you'll be blessed in the long run. there is nothing for frustrating than having the person that should trust you the most, not believe a word you say. there is nothing i can do to prove i am innocent. all i can do is be strong and know that i will be blessed. i pray that one day he'll realize i was telling the truth. i feel so hurt. even though i lose privledges, the most important thing to me is my integrity. nothing will change the fact that i was honest through and through. the man upstairs knows what really happened. my mom would be proud of my integrity and i will never let her down.


eventful night

what a crazy night!! kenz, best person ever, came over and we went and visited janessa at work (found in picture #1) and chilled forever! i met a new friend, (found in picture #2) and he is my new boyfriend. everybody this is dallin! he's hilarious!! so funny. then we left janessa's work and went to makayla's birthday gathering! --happy birthday makayla!!. tons of fun people there! (found in picture #3 & #4) what a fun night. i like people..:)


oh what a beautiful thing!! i have become addicted. and its serious. i tend to crave one of these every single day..maybe twice a day. they continue to blow my mind. its frozen, but it still succeeds to flow through the straw so simply. maybe i need some help. or i could just keep spending precious money on my precious addiction.


on the 14th of january us t-wolves were matched up against our rivals the orem tigers. all of the faithful t-wolves came out dressed in white including the cheerleaders and our amazing players. the game was really close but we came out with a victory. tdt and cheer had awesome performances at half time!! and p.s. this is our town. :)



i have definitely been slacking in the blogging aspect of my life. theres this thing called time that i dont really posses! between friends, family, work (lots of it), cheer, and trying to get reasonable grades, blogging comes last on my list. well here i am. term just ended! yes. its sunday so nothing to do! me and cam decided we were gonna sluff church today, which we did. therefore, resulting in lots of talking:) i'll tell ya, high school relationships are HARD. so so so hard. first of all both partners maturity level reaches about a two. second, there's just too much drama in high school. trust me, everyone will get involved in your life. if you wanna keep something a secret, let it go. secrets dont exist. sometimes in life dont ya just feel like everything is going wrong. this morning i woke up at 12:30 and just laid there thinking about how i always do the wrong thing, or how i could be nicer to this person, or how much more i need to work (or stop spending money..NAHHH! i'll just work more.) etc. you gotta be prepared for whatever comes at you. pick good friends! gonna do some partying tonight cause NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!

--eighty days.