prom '11.

guys, its tomorrow! can you believe it? i cannot believe its here. it feels like forever ago sam asked me to this beautiful occasion. dress is ready..pretty pumped about it. anywho! i decided i suck at playing hard to get. its just not in my nature. lets put it this way, i can do it if i feel like i'm in control; most often i dont. its such a bummer.
so i missed quite a bit of school this week. i've been having girl problems, lets just keep it that way. i had to be rushed to the doctor on tuesday and its kinda gone down hill since then. but things are getting better because tomorrow is PROM!
i cannot believe junior year is almost over. i feel like my maturity level is equivalent to a seventh grader, which is okay? but being a senior? that seems crazy to me. we're all growing up :'(
i cant remember the last time i was on the computer..probably the last time i posted. hmm.
say hello to the 2011-2012 co-captain of the cheer team. hahaha okay so its not that big of a deal but this week we had our first practices with the new team and i can already tell we're gonna be so good! i cant wait to work a lot with kami and tori and hopefully grow a ton closer to these cute girls:)
what else...bought new jeans today. haha
uhhhh janessa brought me a note and an icee on wednesday and it made me soooo happy. she is such an amazing girl.
well, thats all for now i think. not much else i gotta say right now.

OHH! happy birthday patrick:)


the change.

deleted the facebook. thinking about deleting the blog. just kinda have better things to do than sit at the computer. i miss some people..but thats okay. things change. been spending time with a special someone, or group of someones. livin the dream.


meg's giveaway!

hey, who wouldnt wanna win this amazing giveaway. its required to post on individuals blog.

here's the link!
meg's giveaway


i'm off:)

suntan lotion-check
four swimsuits-check

dont need much else!

seeeeee yaaaahhhhhh!


definitely PMSing.

how dare you. dont ever hug me when you just ended things and i'm bawling and then tell me "you're okay" you dont even know! go away.

thanks period.


what a success.

as everyone knows, with cass, the night is always a success. thats why florida will be BOMBBB! anywho..this is why.

1. we creeped, as we do every sunday night. and our creepin was successful. made some foolish boys look like idiots and totally flipped the joke on them! dont try boys, we'll win.

2. answered the prom date back and totally fooled him. we apologize samuel. we made him believe i didnt wanna go to prom and then TOTALLY april foolsed him. love you:)

3. we got cass' math homework done. dont ask why she helped me, i'm worthless.

the weekend was definitely a success. friday: shayli's party. stomp. patrick. haha..?
saturday: work. talk with cam. work. patrick. haha..?

anywho!! it was a good one. JUST TWO DAYS. BAHHHHH!