a saturday success.

i wasnt looking forward to the weekend, working friday night and a double on saturday. however, it turned out to be awesome! saturday i picked up my dear friend afton's morning shift; didnt make good money but hey, its more than i walked in with. then during my break i went to the mall and found some AWESOME shoes. (seen below) so i purchased them! then went back to work and made way good money. after i got off my friend corie and i went to in and out to reward ourselves for our shift! i decided because i'm at the PF more than i'm at my home, the people i work with are basically my family. its what we call the PF family! we are all so close. i'd rather hang out with them than a lot of people. then when i got home this boy and i talked for about an hour on the phone. it was indeed a success:)

happy birthday to my dear friend cam! seventeen, wahooo!


comfortable silence.

i discovered this thing, its called comfortable silence. so i met this boy; note this is the first blog post about him. he's so awesome! i wouldnt say i'm in love by any means but he's got something that pulls me in; cant figure out what it is yet. he's hilarious, and i dont know if thats because i laugh at everything or if he really is funny. he's surprisingly smart. his style is quorky but confident, and i love it. he can wear a purple v-neck and pull it off. (no he's not gay.) he's committed and wity. i like this kid, he's a keeper; for now. (i know i'm just jinxing myself.) but anyways! MORP was SO much fun. i had the best time! oh wait...... . i got rejected, hard core. i dont know why i didnt see it coming. its cool though, dont know what i was thinking asking him in the first place. i'm slowing realizing how much i'm gonna miss my senior friends. i'm glad i'm not a graduating, surprisingly. i've stopped trying at school, entirely. why try when you have no one to impress.
for those i have hurt, i hope one day we can work out our differences and be on neutral ground.
school's almost out baby! lets celebrate. :)


Mother's Day

somehow, its easier this year; more good feelings than bad. however, its still a struggle. i know mom's up there looking down on the family just wishing she could be here with us, but so proud at the same time.
today we're going to the cemetery and we're going to release balloons like we did on her birthday, with letters inside. its becoming a tradition. :) i shrunk my letter to the smallest font size so it could actually float this year.
i started writing my letter and instantly started bawling. why, why cant she be here? i know its all part of the plan. i found a song that really reminds me of my mom. its like she wrote it. i feel the need to share it with all of you so click here to have a listen.


inspiration of the day.

i'm sick of high school rules.
  • only talk to the cool kids.
  • dont get into your classes too much.
  • dont get too tied down with significant other.
  • disown your family.
  • dont go to church.
well guess what. some of the "weirdos" are the coolest, sweetest kids i know. sometimes i like geting into school. i fall in love. i cant get enough of my family. and i love the gospel.
how about we all just be nice, and lift eachother up.

dont ask.