its time to bust a cap.

shoot me. i know..right now you're thinking 'all she can write about is how she is dying.' yeah, well thats all i've done for a week now.

a little visitor came by last night :) kept me company on his saturday night. it showed me he cared. he decide it'd be cool to take his flashlight and look at my tonsils. it made me feel EVEN cuter. no make up, hair in a nasty rat bun, basketball shorts, and now my huge tonsils. cant get sexier than that guys. anywho! atleast i had one visitor, right? whenever someone comes, it makes me feel a lot better. i dont know, it made me happy:)

so did i tell you they took my blood to test for mono? (ouch) cause they were like..."i'm assuming its mono." WELL GUESS WHAT? stop assuming. tell me what i have, gimme some pain killers, some anti-biotics, and i'll be on my way. thank you.

the test came back negative.

two nights ago my dad gave me percocet so i could actually sleep..it wasnt bad. haha made my face itch like a mother..but it was nice. haha

last night i once again called my dad cause i didnt know if i could take more advil yet. my ears decided they want to ache now! so i let them. anyways, he's like i'm gonna go find you some advil pm. he never came. hahhaha so i get up..find some myself.   you just sleep dad! i'm goood!!

oh, and it smells like bacon downstairs. good thing i can eat it!

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