the list.

some girls are dying to know..whats on the list? what do guys talk about when they have their sausage-fests? is it the typical big boobs, tan body? confident with huge eyes, long hair? or do some guys actually dig a little deeper, such as, head cheer leader or brought up by money?

hate to break it to you guys. we're not perfect. in fact us girls want to take your stupid list, and rip it up, then stomp on it. its called estrogen; it makes us cry when you hurt our feelings. it also makes zits burst at somehow the wrong timing. we dont like your games..they're hard to keep up with.

maybe sometimes we wanna forget the game i like to call "tag." i actually caught myself playing it last night. i pretend like i dont care until he starts to act the same way, then i immediately change to acting like i care. its back and forth. well lately, this boy has become very good at acting like he doesnt care (lets hope it really is acting) so i'm in a perdicament.

what i hate more than anything is when i meet someone new and i am so amused by how charming he is or the sweet talk he gives me. he's got me! he then has control. he then continues to make me believe he really feels something special for me, but he cant put himself through another relationship because it "hurt too much" so we'll just be friends. this is how it goes.

"sky, lets go out!!"
"tonight was so fun, you're an awesome girl."
"can i see you today?"
"..but i dont wanna get that involved, i'm sorry."
"i cant stop thinking about you sky."
"wanna just be friends?"

ridiculous. quit the gamin, it aint cool.

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