can anyone say "SPRING BREAK '11!!!!!"

i cannot tell you how pumped i am. leaving in six days to the beautiful land of florida. best friend? check. tan? check. running away from boys, grades, cheer, parents and homework? check.

get me outta here. cass, thanks for takin me away! cant wait to re-birth our relationship. (you dont know rights to make fun of me for that word) yay florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some crazy stuff mayyyyy go down..? (:


lets play catch up.

i'm gonna hurry and write down the things i need to talk about so i dont forget.
  • boys.
  • letters.
  • school; teachers.
  • redbox.
  • prom.
its been rough guys. getting over the boy. its not fun!! no one can say getting over someone is easy nor amusing. but i feel like it needs to be done. is it weird that i'm just done? like my feelings didnt necessarily change but i just feel like i'm done with that phase of my life. reality check: you wont marry your high school "significant" other. sorry! i hate that people really believe that. but we can agree to disagree. the new boy hasnt changed a whole bunch but i guess my feelings have grown? his sure havent. "i cant let my feelings take over because i refuse to be in a relationship." thats fine. i dont blame you. but you dont need to make me feel like an idiot.

i definitely wrote and sent my first letter to a missionary. weird! but i think it will be exhilarating getting letters. cant wait to hear the amazing stories. i cant tell you how much i love worthy missionaries and how much i despise unworthy missionaries. go for yourself! not your parents or bishop or girlfriend. it takes courage and commitment.

school; teachers.
term over. people excited? i couldnt be more thrilled. i refuse to look at my grades. lets just start fresh shall we? i decided last week was the begging week. "teacher what can i do to pass? extra credit quiz? hall pass? i'll do better next term." hahahaha priceless. so friday i'm sitting in government; aka the worst class known to man. not to mention i have it first period. well i decided; screw it. last day of the term and i'm exhausted, so i'm gonna sleep. my head was on the desk for maybe two minutes. then the stupid student teacher comes and taps me, "get your head up." k, news flash: i'm already sleeping in your class which means one of two things. 1. you're already on my bad list, so stop trying. or 2. maybe next time i just wont come at all and then tell all my friends how crappy of a teacher you are so you lose your job. HAH!

i definitely have a new obsession with redbox. now that i have a credit card i can actually get them. and i love NOTHING more than to run to ridleys, grab myself a bag of cookies and a chick flick from redbox and come crawl in bed to watch it. spoken like a true fat ass? i know. put it in the book! (inside joke; you're welcome gen)

guys, i got asked. i know, we all thought this day would never come.. well here we are. his name is samuel harris and i couldnt be more happy. still gotta answer him back and find a dress but yay! its a miracle.

yes! i did it. phewph.


i'm lagging.

blah blah blah. too much has happened. haha!


st. patty's day.

well, here i am sitting in adult roles. we just got done with our final exam. crazy huh?? third term isnt even over and we're already testing. anywho!! i'm sitting next to my good friend tanner. i really do love the kid. sophomore prom!!! yeahhhh buddy.
so i'm gonna be honest for two seconds (i'm always honest on the blogg) ..i totally forgot it was st patricks day!! like completely. i walked into school and saw everyone wearing green and i was like crap. oh well!
think i'm gonna do something nice for st patty himself. ;) hahahaha!

good mood:)



sixteen months.

geeeez has life been crazy. i've worked a lot lately so its hard to find time to blog, especially when i'm tryng to catch up on my school work. anyways! sixteen months from today mom left me. thats not okay, alright? its just not. i still miss her like crazy. its weird to think about all the things she has missed. i started working at the pizza factory. i made the cheer team at timp. i've gone to my first school dances. i've gotten my first credit card. (; i've had new relationships. its just been hard. sixteen months is a freakin long time! its been rough.

the judd family:
i spent most of my snow day hanging out with this awesome family. i cant get enough of them. like really i have tried living with them, and we all know how that went. but being around them makes me happier than anything. cory and i are closer than i ever thought we'd be. i know i can go to him when i need advice about life. gen is my best friend. she truly is. and jordyn brings me so much joy. such a cute little girl. i couldn't have gotten through this past year and four months without them as an example and a friend.



today, after school, my best friend and i decided to take a cruise in my car, lucy. put the top down, jammed to some tunes. i was truly happy for the first time in a long time.


simply not caring.

i've decided its about time i stop talking about what makes me sad..BOYS. haha sorry fellow readers, i just recognized i've been kinda down lately in my posts. so this post is happy. its dedicated to my jazz sweatshirt. about two years ago twinners and i purchased this sweatshirt at savers for about $6. and it has never let me down. bright purple to make me seem somewhat happy, but so comfy. i wear it often. so here is to my lazy day! jazz sweatshirt, leggings, and vans; priceless.



sometimes i believe i'm the only one that can view my blog..hmmmppphhh.


the list.

some girls are dying to know..whats on the list? what do guys talk about when they have their sausage-fests? is it the typical big boobs, tan body? confident with huge eyes, long hair? or do some guys actually dig a little deeper, such as, head cheer leader or brought up by money?

hate to break it to you guys. we're not perfect. in fact us girls want to take your stupid list, and rip it up, then stomp on it. its called estrogen; it makes us cry when you hurt our feelings. it also makes zits burst at somehow the wrong timing. we dont like your games..they're hard to keep up with.

maybe sometimes we wanna forget the game i like to call "tag." i actually caught myself playing it last night. i pretend like i dont care until he starts to act the same way, then i immediately change to acting like i care. its back and forth. well lately, this boy has become very good at acting like he doesnt care (lets hope it really is acting) so i'm in a perdicament.

what i hate more than anything is when i meet someone new and i am so amused by how charming he is or the sweet talk he gives me. he's got me! he then has control. he then continues to make me believe he really feels something special for me, but he cant put himself through another relationship because it "hurt too much" so we'll just be friends. this is how it goes.

"sky, lets go out!!"
"tonight was so fun, you're an awesome girl."
"can i see you today?"
"..but i dont wanna get that involved, i'm sorry."
"i cant stop thinking about you sky."
"wanna just be friends?"

ridiculous. quit the gamin, it aint cool.


curiosity killed the cat.

a recent experience made me intrigued. i wanna know who reads my blog! so if you are reading this post, you have to, HAVE TO, comment. let me know who you are! c'mon folks.

its time to bust a cap.

shoot me. i know..right now you're thinking 'all she can write about is how she is dying.' yeah, well thats all i've done for a week now.

a little visitor came by last night :) kept me company on his saturday night. it showed me he cared. he decide it'd be cool to take his flashlight and look at my tonsils. it made me feel EVEN cuter. no make up, hair in a nasty rat bun, basketball shorts, and now my huge tonsils. cant get sexier than that guys. anywho! atleast i had one visitor, right? whenever someone comes, it makes me feel a lot better. i dont know, it made me happy:)

so did i tell you they took my blood to test for mono? (ouch) cause they were like..."i'm assuming its mono." WELL GUESS WHAT? stop assuming. tell me what i have, gimme some pain killers, some anti-biotics, and i'll be on my way. thank you.

the test came back negative.

two nights ago my dad gave me percocet so i could actually sleep..it wasnt bad. haha made my face itch like a mother..but it was nice. haha

last night i once again called my dad cause i didnt know if i could take more advil yet. my ears decided they want to ache now! so i let them. anyways, he's like i'm gonna go find you some advil pm. he never came. hahhaha so i get up..find some myself.   you just sleep dad! i'm goood!!

oh, and it smells like bacon downstairs. good thing i can eat it!


we got the verdict.

its mono. thank you so much to whoever gave it to me. you deserve a sticker. you're a gem. haha jk!! slightly upset though. my tonsils are covered with white leisions, i cant even swallow, my head throbs. i'm sure all of you want to know all this. its not fun. if anyone would like to tutor the lovely lady, gimme a call. and i'll take visitors too! pick or take. i thought i would enjoy laying in bed for YEARS. nope. not fun. gimme medicine, gimme nyquil. i dont care. no one will come near me because i'm "infested" as my dad calls it.
well..the good news is, i have a way hot camo band-aid on my right arm. i totally forget my arm is throbbing from getting my blood drawn because when i start to hurt, i just look at the cute adhesive strip.

i know i'm dramatic, but its been a rough week. you finally realize who cares.

p.s. they took my picture at the doctors office for "record" but i didnt really mind because everyone knows how sexy you are when you've beeen in bed for eighty-thousand hours. yes!



and shut up with your sweet talk.

ruin a good thing.

i feel like everytime something good comes into my life, i throw it away. i scared him off, typical. nothing i can do. i wish i could just start over. i would make it right. i wouldnt come on so strong.


sickness-brings no joy.

when you're faking sick, its all fun and games; sleep in, eat all the food you want, watch the game show channel all day.
that is not my cup of tea. (idiom;)) i am miserable people! monday night my body started to get all achey, so i hoped in the hot tub hoping it would relieve some pain. it sure did for the time being! went to bed, tuesday morning; i have never been in so much pain. it was one of those moments where you know you look so hideous cause you're bawling your eyes out, but you dont care. went and told my dad i felt so sick, he told me to go crawl in bed. then he came up and gave me a blessing; i was out cold til 12:30. woke up, took a bath; was out til five. i woke up and my room was spotless. --little preface here. my room was a disaster. anyone who knows me well enough would understand that i can never keep my room clean. --anyways, i thought i had cleaned in my sleep; then i realized that would never happen. turns out my dad had scrubbed my shower, windexed my mirrors, vacuummed, and somehow folded a ridiculous amount of clothes; all while i was out cold in bed. when i woke up my hair looked like bird had found it and decided to make a nappy nest out of it. if mom was here, she woulda french-braided it the second i got outta the tub, to avoid this mess. however,i was not blessed with such a talent. but i finally started to feel better.

p.s..it really hurt my feel goods that i didnt get one text from someone asking where i was..hmmpphh.

last night i had the worst sleep. woke up at 3:30; my body is shaking out of control. i was freezing. so i call my dad..(i know im lazy) and he brings me advil and some water. then he's like 'i'll be right back.' minutes later he comes in with my favorie blanky that was just in the dryer. sooo warrrrm! he grabs my phone, turns off my alarm, and plays with my hair til i fall asleep again (totally something mom would do.)

so here i am. missing the sixth class period in a row. i hate it. prayers?



aubrey tiase has lived across the street from me since i was born and she has become such an amazing photographer. i love when she takes my pictures; boosts my confidence a little bit;)