sickness-brings no joy.

when you're faking sick, its all fun and games; sleep in, eat all the food you want, watch the game show channel all day.
that is not my cup of tea. (idiom;)) i am miserable people! monday night my body started to get all achey, so i hoped in the hot tub hoping it would relieve some pain. it sure did for the time being! went to bed, tuesday morning; i have never been in so much pain. it was one of those moments where you know you look so hideous cause you're bawling your eyes out, but you dont care. went and told my dad i felt so sick, he told me to go crawl in bed. then he came up and gave me a blessing; i was out cold til 12:30. woke up, took a bath; was out til five. i woke up and my room was spotless. --little preface here. my room was a disaster. anyone who knows me well enough would understand that i can never keep my room clean. --anyways, i thought i had cleaned in my sleep; then i realized that would never happen. turns out my dad had scrubbed my shower, windexed my mirrors, vacuummed, and somehow folded a ridiculous amount of clothes; all while i was out cold in bed. when i woke up my hair looked like bird had found it and decided to make a nappy nest out of it. if mom was here, she woulda french-braided it the second i got outta the tub, to avoid this mess. however,i was not blessed with such a talent. but i finally started to feel better.

p.s..it really hurt my feel goods that i didnt get one text from someone asking where i was..hmmpphh.

last night i had the worst sleep. woke up at 3:30; my body is shaking out of control. i was freezing. so i call my dad..(i know im lazy) and he brings me advil and some water. then he's like 'i'll be right back.' minutes later he comes in with my favorie blanky that was just in the dryer. sooo warrrrm! he grabs my phone, turns off my alarm, and plays with my hair til i fall asleep again (totally something mom would do.)

so here i am. missing the sixth class period in a row. i hate it. prayers?


  1. sky! that just broke my heart. i love your dad. i will french braid your hair :)

  2. I would braid your hair any day as well. If Cassidy is out, give me a call. If it makes you feel better, I thought about you all day yesterday hoping that you were okay. Get feeling better Sky! :)

  3. ah, i'm sorry sky. that's the worst. feel better soon!