screw you cupid!

tomorrow is the day everyone!! 
  • how are you feeling? 
  • do you have a valentine? 
  • are you giving or receiving a big present? 
  • gonna watch chick flicks and eat ice cream till the late hours of the morning? 
after contemplating long and hard about the dreaded valentines day, i decided i hate it. its not that i hate people showing they care, or personally hate showing i care; i hate that people feel obligated to do so, and thats not okay. ONE day out the 365, husbands tell their wives they love them. they buy roses for them because they're easy to find, or her girl friends will beat his A if he doesnt do something.

i much rather have a boy waiting by my car with a rose after i get off work ;) thank you cam! 
or i want a surprise visit when i'm feeling down.

well here's your challenge. dont do it because you have to. trust me, it feels fake if you do something tomorrow. show you're lovebug you care any other day but tomorrow. just some advice! tomorrow it will mean nothing. but on a sunday night when she's crying and needs a hug, thats when you do something for her. just saying.

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  1. Girl... I know EXACTLY what you mean! Here... in case you're even slightly interested, I wrote this last year right before Valentine's Day. I hope you enjoy. :)