the L word.

ya know, i have such strong feelings about this word. so strong that i feel obligated to blog about it. teenage relationships intrigue me because you dont know anything until you've been through one. yes, some people who have never gotten the opportunity feel like "they're so immature!" or "PDA is gross!" while i definitely agree with this group of individuals, ya dont know if you havent gone through it.

the L word means something people!! dont throw it out there like its valentines day and you're in kindergarten! love is such a strong feeling. have you been in love? i think you'd know if you have. however, i do find it comical the different codes about the phrase itself.

luv ya!--total seventh grade phrase. you and your friend are "IM"ing and you suddenly G2G, so this statement would be implied.

love ya:)--for the more (take that lightly) mature kids that are just trying to express how they feel without coming off too strong and stalkerish.

love you.--this is when it gets serious folks. this show serious affection. you care about this person deeply.

i. love. you. --k this is no joke. the simple letter "i" means more than anything! if someone says this to you, its a big deal. they are forever endowed to you.

haha this is my way of being comical when i'm hurting.

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