so much has happened. but thats not the reason i'm posting. i'm definitely one to know that whenever you couldnt feel more down, someone pulls you back up. i believe 100% that everything happens for a reason. EVERYTHING; from what you wear in the morning to who you associate with. my road has been rocky, and i'm not using that as an excuse of why some things have happened. some things have been my fault. sometimes i act without thinking. but some things are for certain.

cameron will stick by my side for the rest of my life. i dont care what people say. he has stuck by me even when i have betrayed him. he cares about me like no one has. he's been there when i want an icee and he's been there when we're singing 'i stand all amazed' at my moms funeral. he's been there when i need a foot massage and he's been there when i need a shoulder to cry on. i really do believe one day we will get married. i know i'll have the courage and faith to wait for him. he is my hero, honestly. i will never be more endowed to someone, ever. thanks for all you do C. you're perfect.

i have been a crappy friend to taryn and taylor and they're still there for me. ever since i met these girls they have been by my side when i needed anything. i hate that we've drifted apart. i cant thank you girls enough for all you've done. i hope i can make up the time we have lost together. you girls are so positive and always lifting me up. such a good influence. i love you.

and to everyone who has shown me they care in the last couple days. cant thank you enough. its times like this where you realize who your real friends are. i love you guys!!

keepin' my chin up. 

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