gotta grow up.

being a teen you quickly learn a couple of things. 
     1. your parents dont make your decisions.
     2. as much as they want to control you, you run your life.
     3. you decide what your future is like.

laying in bed this morning i soon realized how tired i was from preference the night before. looking out the window watching the snow fall, i wanted so badly to pull the covers over my head and just fight going to church. after thinking about it, is the fight worth it? atleast for me, after sitting at home for those three hours, you dont feel better about yourself, frankly you feel worse. so i got up. i went to church. 

my point is this. even though your parents want to run your life, they dont. even though they think they can decide who you date, who you hang out with, what you do on your friday night, they cant. they CAN decide to be a part of it, they'll regret it if they dont. for me, i just want support. i watch as friends parents lose power over their teen and it turns into a battle. 

i promise you this; if you decide to be a part of your teenagers life, they will more likely make better decisions. if you're negative towards them and dont talk to them about the necessaries, they will rebel. 

be careful.

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