so slowly i'm realizing that school its extremely useless. i dont even try anymore! shower? why! wear cute, yet extremely uncomfortable clothes? why! i tend to ask myself these questions often. 

instead of A & B days, they should be called A$$ hard and Bloody Boring.  i think i have come to the conclusion that i shall just drop out and marry into money. i mean..coming from the words of my dad, "you can marry more in five minutes that you can make in a life time!"

total joke!..kinda. i will graduate high school, go to hair school, save a butt load of money and marry the man of my dreams. most days i believe he's not out there..and this is why.

today in adult roles we learned about marriage and compatible couples. a marriage is more like to work if the girl is more attractive then the boy. could that ever happen. we also learned that your marriage is more likely to be successful if the girl is oldest in the family, and the boy is youngest. GREAT! i'm gonna die and old maid.

how's this for a downer post? 

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  1. a.freaking.greed. i absolutely HATE school! can you tell me when i'm ever in my lifetime gonna use pre-cal? yeah, never. i fall asleep in basically every class- yeah, embarrassing.