prime day!

what a dang good day! so i had six am practice. not okay. then i fell on my head. also not okay. but after cheer practice i was just like k, today is going to be an awesome day! and it totally was. all my classes went really good! cam found out he gets to go tour byu campus on saturday night for their athletic program! and i asked a special someone to preference! hope the whole dress issue works out. also! bri got enduced today with her fourth child! still in labor so i'll definitely give you deets on that! going over the beth and scotts tonight for taco's and 'when in rome'! gotta love FHE:) everything seems to be working out..weird how that works!!


  1. i love it how...
    1. i stalk you.
    2. our sisters are ALWAYS pregnant at the same time, ALWAYS!!!
    3. tori told me about how you fell, rough. (she also said you threw up?)
    4. i just love beth.
    who did you ask to preference?! (is that even a question, or am i stupid?) I LOVE YOU.

  2. FHE every monday at my house! NOthing makes you feel the spirit quite like the BATCHELOR!!!!

  3. hahaha! tar.
    1. i stalk you too. so its fine!
    2. we basically live the same life.
    3. yeah, it was real rough. not a good cheer practice!
    4. beth makes me giggle! i love it.
    i asked cam to preference!! haha you're not stupid. i love you tarrr!!!!

    beth. its happening! hope you dont get sick of me;)