i have definitely been slacking in the blogging aspect of my life. theres this thing called time that i dont really posses! between friends, family, work (lots of it), cheer, and trying to get reasonable grades, blogging comes last on my list. well here i am. term just ended! yes. its sunday so nothing to do! me and cam decided we were gonna sluff church today, which we did. therefore, resulting in lots of talking:) i'll tell ya, high school relationships are HARD. so so so hard. first of all both partners maturity level reaches about a two. second, there's just too much drama in high school. trust me, everyone will get involved in your life. if you wanna keep something a secret, let it go. secrets dont exist. sometimes in life dont ya just feel like everything is going wrong. this morning i woke up at 12:30 and just laid there thinking about how i always do the wrong thing, or how i could be nicer to this person, or how much more i need to work (or stop spending money..NAHHH! i'll just work more.) etc. you gotta be prepared for whatever comes at you. pick good friends! gonna do some partying tonight cause NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!

--eighty days.


  1. haha sky, i love this! since we never talk anymore i feel as if this post has just let me have an insight of your life. (kinda) can we please play soon? i miss my thhkyyy!!

  2. Skylar, I totally agree with your comments. You are a good girl and yes high school sucks and is full of drama and it hate all of it. Keep up the positive attitude and you will make it thru, I love you. Kathie

  3. you guys!! twinners i freakin love you. i'll post more so that we can stay in touch with eachothers life. OR. we can play. please:) kathie you're awesome!! thanks for your uplifting comment:)

  4. I love you (: Your blog is so cute (:
    and THIS is my favorite -- "you wanna keep something a secret, let it go. secrets dont exist." amen sister.
    anyway, I liked this (: