drama lines.

  • he ignores me.
  • i need a suitcase.
  • i dont like you and never will.
  • i hate this ugly house.
  • i'm gonna slam my door.
  • i'm not gonna put up with it MOM.
and i'm the devil child. this is what i have to deal with everyday.


  1. seriously so proud of your blogging sky! :) & really, so bothered by all this & i don't even know the deets. holy cow, holy. cow.

  2. i strongly agree with tar (: you are doing so good at blogging! I love it! & you can come live with me! & we can talk about political stuff, like being democrats! (: I love you sky!

  3. I think I just peed my pants!!! Drama, drama, drama:)

  4. Hmmmmmm......... who could have come up with all those immature, bratty comments???? Sorry you are stuck sky! YOu can always come to my house for a break!!!! Love you!