gotta love adult roles. in that class we got assigned husbands or wifes and the boy has to propose and then the happy couple has to plan the WHOLE wedding. like design a ring, plan refreshments, etc. k so we gotta write down a few people we wouldnt mind marrying. after the guys found out who their wife was gonna be, NONE of my guy friends had me. i was like great!! i have to plan a freakin wedding with a weirdo. so awkward!

as i thought. oh how wrong i was!! after a hard long day, just chilling in my room. i had just taken off my make up, wearing scrounge clothes..the doorbell rings. k i hate when the doorbell rings! it scares me so effing bad. but i decide to go get the door. no ones there. great! look down, there i see a paper. and it says, "becuase you make my <3 beat 1000 times...follow the hearts...

candy hearts down the path, around the driveway. so i follow em. tanner freakin halford is standing there with a rose. ahhh! i died. he's like "i have a question", gets down on one knee."will you marry me?" haha so cute! so glad i'm not stuck with a weirdo. this should be an easy project.:)