so i decided its about time to post something about my good friend cass. over the past couple days ive realized how good of a friend she is! really, i'm so blessed to have a friend like her. lets be honest NO ONE would've thought that we'd not only come in contact, but become best friends. i'm gonna be honest, i judged cassidy. and i hate myself for it. she has shown how much she cares about our friendship more than any other friend! i love her so much. i know she would do anything for me! she would blow anyone off just to come over and listen to me vent about everything. she has been there when people have hurt me, and she's been there to keep my secrets;) she has listened to me babble about how amazing my mom was, and she's been there when i wanna sluff seminary. i hope i have been a good friend to her. she's amazing! love you cass.

....even though you're a murderer.;)

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