maybe we're acquaintances, or best friends. maybe you were my first kiss; austin murray! we were such kids in love. but i still consider him my good friend. maybe we were elected BFF's in junior high; my twinners. taryn and taylor. i will never forget the amazing friendship you guys gave me. i'm so lucky. maybe you're that one person that always says hi to me in the halls and we barely know eachother; kurt cottle. your hello's brighten up my day. maybe you were my first guy friends; tanner, sam, brady, london, cam, joel, mckay. you made me realize hanging out with girls every night can get boring. maybe we went on spring break together to florida; my cass. such good memories. i know i can always call you when i'm bawling about stupid issues. you're a good friend. maybe we're cheer captains at THS; kam. i freakin love you. we've grown so much closer and you listen when i need someone to. you're fun, and i love you. maybe you brought me an icee when i was feeling down; tori, tiff, janessa, cam, cass. your small act of kindness made my day that much better. maybe we grew apart, and then back together; sar. i'll always consider you a best friend. we just have a good time when we're together and i can call you whenever i need someone. maybe you were there for me when my mom died; cam, taryn, taylor, sarah, kerbi. truly, i dont know where i'd be. as i'm walking into the cultural hall for my mom's funeral, your faces just gave me hope. maybe we have secrets. maybe we work together; afton, taylor, corie, aaron, nick. you make my job so enjoyable, i'm excited to go in every day. maybe you're my hero; gen, the best sister. we've been through a lot together, but i truly consider you my hero. you would take me into your family tomorrow, and i cant thank you enough for that. always protect me. maybe you made my summer amazing; patrick. our friendship has continued to grow and i value it. maybe you're on a mission; nick, tyson. i look up to you so much, and i'm so glad we got to spend time together before you left to serve the Lord. maybe i consider you my mother on earth; becky hunter. you've been there for me through it all. i know there's always food in the pantry and a warm bed for me at your house. and maybe you're my best friend; cam. always been there for me ALWAYS. you're a blessing straight from heaven and wherever this crazy life takes us, you have impacted me forever.

whoever you are, and however we have interacted, i consider myself lucky to know you.


  1. maybe, i love you to death and always will. i am so blessed to have a friend like you.

  2. maybe this post made my day, even though I'm just now seeing it from way back when.
    I love you sky