catch up, once again.

guys, life is just too dang busy. i'm trying to stay on top of everything; school, cheer, work, boys. yada yada! but anyways, let me just fill you in on whats been going on lately.
  • at the end of october hopefully i'm quitting pizza factory and getting a job at american eagle. now, let me stop you right there. yes, kami is my best friend. and yes, she does work at american eagle. however! i am not getting a job there just because she works there. its just a bonus :) lately everyone thinks we're bi for eachother. its false. i actually really like men. 
  • lately i have had the biggest desire to attend USU. they sent me a postcard, no one else. i felt special. ;)
  • i found a boy. a boy that treats me well. we watched Up. we want our own club. and we want to live in this house. 

  • this boy and i have seen each other 14 days in a row. now, you laugh. however, 14 days is two weeks. for not going to the same school and not hanging out with the same people and having such busy lives, 14 days is a lot. its a record. 
  • i asked a beautiful young man to sadies. his name is london. hopefully he says yes:) 

  • i tried red lipstick. i cant decide if it was a success or a failure. 

  •  last but not least, i miss this. so much. 

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    P.S. I finally just found your blog again..
    thanks tar and tay for linkin it up!!! (: