my week's update.

currently sitting in english, not wanting to research a stupid painting that frankly i dont care about at the time. anywho, its been an interesting week! monday was my good friend sam's birthday (picture above) and it was good to get together with all of his closest friends and celebrate him and his amazing friendship. tuesday was the dreaded picture day. (picture above) it went good:) i also had the senior picnic. previous to the picnic, i had blessed cheer practice. the ankle was hurt. no need to fret, i will be cheering again soon. the senior picnic was such a good time with my best friends: picture above. then that night had an awesome stats study group. then here we are, today. on monday i got an assignment in sociology. the assignment was to bring a song to class that meant a lot to you; had some sentimental value. so of course, i brought "i wont let go" by rascal flatts. not a good decision. right when i got up to share my song i started crying. i've posted about the song before. it makes me think about my mom and how hard life can be sometimes. i know she's lookin out. anywhoo!!!!!! cried all through first period, all through second period. glad my best friend sarah was there to be a shoulder to cry on. she always know how to make me feel like things will be okay. after school i worked on posters for DAYS. picture above. thank goodness all 74 are almost done. go homecoming. oh yeah!! i got asked to homecoming. i found a dress. picture above. hopefully the days will get a little better. sometimes life is frustrating. enjoy the pictures.

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