you know you're a cheerleader.

you know you're a cheerleader when.....
  • you get less than five hours asleep because your alarm is set for 5:30am every other day.
  • you know how to get ready after running fifteen laps and six ladders, and doing the routine from hell a thousand times. (sweaty)
  • you have bruises up and down your arms. even bruises that you dont comprehend how they got there.
  • you look ugly on fridays because you're assigned to wear an ugly t-shirt.
  • you want a seasonal boyfriend. (football season; football star. etc.)
  • you wear your cheer shoes more than your favorite high heels.
  • you have an ankle brace ;)
  • you have fifteen girls that you could share your whole world with. 
i love my cheer team :)

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  1. yes yes yes. i love this!! :) haha i love my flyer!!