Meet Him.

The name?
As if people didn’t already know, Kameron J McG-like I am-inn (Cameron John McGinn)
Favorite color?
Timpanogos Navy Blue
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Gimme a sec..I believe in a true connection at first sight but not necessarily love at first sight. Love comes through time.
Describe your first kiss.
Describe? I don’t wanna describe! ..isn’t that a little personal? Only one other person knows. it’s a secret.
Where do you see yourself in two years?
Two years would put me at nineteen..two years I’ll be in the MTC. Suit and tie to be exact. Or somewhere in Australia. (don’t ask)
Best memory
In general? You’re not allowed to laugh. But Washington d.c. is one of my favorite memories. Do you want me to explain? (this is torturing him) I haven’t spent that much personal time with my family and I spent some good nights laughing with people back home, not to mention my best friend was 800 miles south at the time ;) (whisper)..you realize that’s you right? See Facebook album for further reference.
Happiest you’ve ever been
that’s always one of the hardest questions to answer. *deep breaths* I’d honestly have to say when Mason came home from his mission. I was so little when he left, I felt like he’d never come back.
Who are you the craziest with?
Our readers can probably guess. I’ll give it to you by their nick names. Without question #1 is Skoop. And you cant forget the homies- Biggie-C, J Gass, K Harpster, D-Mill, and Mac Daddy.
How did you get so jacked?
*lol* a magician never explains his tricks. We all know I’m not so this question isn’t valid. (not true.)
What’s your best quality?
I hate turning people down, saying no. it’s a weakness and a strength. (he thinks) do I sound like I’m smart? J
What do you love most about sky?
*sighhh* how am I supposed to fit that into a sentence? I never have to put on a personality or a mood for her, like we’ve seen so many different sides of each other that it doesn’t matter when or where, we always have fun.
Do you consider yourself romantic?
When I want to be.
Biggest weakness to girls
I never say no, I have a hard time turning people down. Pretty eyes..I get distracted.
What song describes you most?
You sure you wanna ask me this? Where them girls at? I’m kidding. Gosh, that’s hard. I shouldn’t say Allstar. Everyone knows I’m kidding. I don’t think there’s a song that describes me. How about lighters? Oooooo! Dirt Road Anthem.
Biggest regret?
Not spending a little more time with Griff before he left.
What are you looking most forward to right now?
The day I walk. That comes second behind August 19th, 7:00pm. (that makes two of us.)
What’s the funnest thing you’ve done with sky?
Everyday? It’d be hard to compete with Trafalga. There’s just too many.
Sell yourself.
What does that mean?…this ain’t hard. I don’t really like telling. I just like to be noticed on how I act.

i think we'll keep him.


  1. this is so cute! i like this little interview thing. :)

  2. dude. this is so awesome. I saw this on another blog and may just have to use it as well with my best friend. it's priceless. i love it.

    Cam, you're amazing as well. :)