a ball of mess.

we're nearing the end of summer, believe it or not. it was a good one. but there are a lot of frustrations that i would like to get off my chest at this moment.

1. i miss my twinners. i cant tell all of you how amazing these girls are. ninth grade was our prime year, no worries in the world and we knew for a fact we were the BFF's. (yearbook status) i miss them so much. so if you're reading, know i love you guys more than you can even believe. if you ever question our friendship, dont.

2. i'm so tired of proving myself to people that dont even know me. yes, i have made multiple mistakes in my days. some that may be unforgivable. however, if you guys took two seconds to get to know the person i am, you could realize i care. and i want your friendship, if you could only know.

3. i hate high school. i know i know, debbie downer moment. i'm supposed to be saying.....SENIOR YEAR!!! LETS DO IT!!!!!!. truth is, high school drama makes me want to gag. a week and a half folks. we're starting off the last year of immature mean snotty high school and i hope it goes by quickly.

4. all my tan is fading. :(

5. i'm sick of being home alone all summer. when mom was here, summer was THE BEST time of year. we did something every day. all she wanted was to create memories that would last. now all i'm creating is a perfect layout of where i lay in my bed.

6. truth is, my heart hurts. i dont know if i can continue to run this routine. so if you're reading, you know who you are. i care more about you than you will ever understand. and i will fight for you until i physically cant. but know, this whole thing is getting old and i want things back to the way they used to be.

sorry if i ruined your day. i just need something to cheer me up.

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