the weekends.

i have quickly changed settings on weekends. i went from going out with patrick or laying on the couch watching movies with him, to going to parties or hanging out with a bunch of kids at someone's house. i'm refreshed. obviously its been different. but i've stopped listening to the songs we listened to on the way home from movies. i stopped hoping he'd ask me to go be with him after i got outta lame high school. i stopped hoping that he wasnt dating someone else. i stopped hoping he was there for me when i needed someone else. i'm enjoying time with tons of different people! who knows what the future holds, but the timing of the break up was perfect. the week before the term ended so i could actually focus on school for once. and enough time before the holidays so i'm not wishing he's the one taking me to temple square on a snowy night.

things are lookin up readers. dont fret :)

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