ramble lamba.

let me just tell you whats been going on in my life lately. my love life is sublime. let me just defend myself for a second. SO many people have been saying "you move on so fast, its not real" or "you use him for what he's worth." well you know what. he makes me happier than anyone else ever can. he has had opportunities to date others freely, i haven't kept him on a leash like everyone claims. we're happy together! he's my best friend. i can be my complete self around him. i dont know why i would ever let go of him. he's my hero. yay for him!!

moving on. cheer competition has been kicking my butt lately. never been so sore or tired!! ever. we started last monday and finished on friday. nine stunts, two tumbling passes. running. sprinting. tired. outta breath. gahhh! it'll be so worth it though.

moving on again. i ran a 5k yesterday. won third in my age group. pictures coming soon.

i love my life and the people in it. every day i am more and more grateful for all the many blessings i have.

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  1. first. you & him are cute. doesn't matter, it will always be sky & cam. lets be honest. second. hell to the freaking ya. glad you're my flyer though. third HECK YES. i'm soo proud of my little sky winning!! and fourth. I love you.