halloween has always been a perplexing time to me. costumes in particular. here is what i find confusing. we dress up like insects such as bumblebee's and ladybugs. i have no idea what message we are trying to convey here. we dress up like our favorite decade such as a hippie or an 80's chick; to prove, of course, that we're old and mature. we dress up in different classes such as homeless people or the queen of england, to higher or lower ourselves. we dress up like ANYTHING dead; dead cheerleader, dead football player, dead teacher, dead person, anything! we dress up like our idols; the captain of the football team or the ditsiest girl on the cheer squad. but my all time favorite; the slutty girls on halloween. they will dress up like anything and make it slutty. but to you, i say embrace it. i respect that one day a year you can dress up to be whatever you like and thats what you pick. you go girl.

hope you had a happy halloween! here's what i did on mine.

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  1. so cute sky!! loved your costume. :)