i do realize my lack of blogging lately and i sincerely apologize if any of you mind. but summerfest was a beautiful time spent. the parade is always so fun, as well as tiring. then after, some plans arose. the first week of summer was definitely prime. a lot has also changed; friends, close ones, family. but a few things i have learned this week.

  • we thought the marriage would last..we will soon see. 
  • people can be forgiven, including myself.
  • good friends only come once in a lifetime.
  • sometimes we act like idiots, but atleast we think we're funny.
  • honesty or not, i respect him.
  • summer is a time to have magical moments.( i believe i had my most magical one this week:))
  • whatever happens, happens. 

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  1. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?! get it guuuurl. :) um, please call me cause i've texted you like a bajillion times & like.. you just don't respond. HA. not cool. at all. :(