as summer is here, i felt prompted to post about my summer goals, memories, and thoughts. i have aimed for two ambitions this summer. it was hard to pick two but i think many -to be seniors- will and can relate.

1. get tan. so tan that people are in awe when you wear your white shorts against your tan legs.
and 2. fall in love with a local wanna be beach boy. lay in hammocks together, bask in the sun, ya know; movie scenarios.

i will be working extremely hard this summer at the PF so i'm hoping to safe enough money for my senior trip next year. im not the best saver, but i will do my best. its always good to have a goal in mind.
when i think about last summer, the most vivid memory that comes to mind is driving in Lucy with her top down (its my car, dont get too excited boys) jammin out to california girls. i am still in fervent search for this summer's song. i'm thinkin jason derulo's new jam but i'll keep you updated.

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  1. Haha isn't this so true; every girls dream summer...