a saturday success.

i wasnt looking forward to the weekend, working friday night and a double on saturday. however, it turned out to be awesome! saturday i picked up my dear friend afton's morning shift; didnt make good money but hey, its more than i walked in with. then during my break i went to the mall and found some AWESOME shoes. (seen below) so i purchased them! then went back to work and made way good money. after i got off my friend corie and i went to in and out to reward ourselves for our shift! i decided because i'm at the PF more than i'm at my home, the people i work with are basically my family. its what we call the PF family! we are all so close. i'd rather hang out with them than a lot of people. then when i got home this boy and i talked for about an hour on the phone. it was indeed a success:)

happy birthday to my dear friend cam! seventeen, wahooo!


  1. i understand buying the same shoes is totally against the rules - but that's one i'm breaking 'cause those have been on my wish list for quite sometime! please don't hate :)

  2. haha they have?!?! i didnt know this! you are more than welcome to break the rule:)

  3. You have such a cute blog! :)
    p.s. love the shoes in that picture. they look comfy~

  4. how ironic! i was just stalking your blog the other day:) thank you!