Mother's Day

somehow, its easier this year; more good feelings than bad. however, its still a struggle. i know mom's up there looking down on the family just wishing she could be here with us, but so proud at the same time.
today we're going to the cemetery and we're going to release balloons like we did on her birthday, with letters inside. its becoming a tradition. :) i shrunk my letter to the smallest font size so it could actually float this year.
i started writing my letter and instantly started bawling. why, why cant she be here? i know its all part of the plan. i found a song that really reminds me of my mom. its like she wrote it. i feel the need to share it with all of you so click here to have a listen.


  1. you & i both, dear.

    mother's day will always be just one of those days.

  2. rascal flatts remind me of her <3

  3. i love youuuu skylar mckell!! (: your mom is so proud of you everyday. you're such an amazing person! xoxo