what a success.

as everyone knows, with cass, the night is always a success. thats why florida will be BOMBBB! anywho..this is why.

1. we creeped, as we do every sunday night. and our creepin was successful. made some foolish boys look like idiots and totally flipped the joke on them! dont try boys, we'll win.

2. answered the prom date back and totally fooled him. we apologize samuel. we made him believe i didnt wanna go to prom and then TOTALLY april foolsed him. love you:)

3. we got cass' math homework done. dont ask why she helped me, i'm worthless.

the weekend was definitely a success. friday: shayli's party. stomp. patrick. haha..?
saturday: work. talk with cam. work. patrick. haha..?

anywho!! it was a good one. JUST TWO DAYS. BAHHHHH!

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