definitely PMSing.

how dare you. dont ever hug me when you just ended things and i'm bawling and then tell me "you're okay" you dont even know! go away.

thanks period.


  1. no one ever understands, huh?
    and don't ya hate when people tell you how you should be feeling?
    nope. it is NOT okay.
    i'd go scream in a pillow if i were you.
    periods are the worst.
    and so are boys.
    and i hope that you will eventually be okay.
    because you deserve to smile girl!

  2. pmsing makes a woman so unpredictable =)

  3. OMG, I know exactly how you feel. I hate, hate, hate being super happy one minute, then feeling like I could die the next. My emotions are too much sometimes... :/
    Much love! x