prom '11.

guys, its tomorrow! can you believe it? i cannot believe its here. it feels like forever ago sam asked me to this beautiful occasion. dress is ready..pretty pumped about it. anywho! i decided i suck at playing hard to get. its just not in my nature. lets put it this way, i can do it if i feel like i'm in control; most often i dont. its such a bummer.
so i missed quite a bit of school this week. i've been having girl problems, lets just keep it that way. i had to be rushed to the doctor on tuesday and its kinda gone down hill since then. but things are getting better because tomorrow is PROM!
i cannot believe junior year is almost over. i feel like my maturity level is equivalent to a seventh grader, which is okay? but being a senior? that seems crazy to me. we're all growing up :'(
i cant remember the last time i was on the computer..probably the last time i posted. hmm.
say hello to the 2011-2012 co-captain of the cheer team. hahaha okay so its not that big of a deal but this week we had our first practices with the new team and i can already tell we're gonna be so good! i cant wait to work a lot with kami and tori and hopefully grow a ton closer to these cute girls:)
what else...bought new jeans today. haha
uhhhh janessa brought me a note and an icee on wednesday and it made me soooo happy. she is such an amazing girl.
well, thats all for now i think. not much else i gotta say right now.

OHH! happy birthday patrick:)

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