as we go through this crazy world, goodbyes are compulsory. they're agonizing, excruciating even. saying goodbye to a loved one, knowing you'll see them in the next life. saying goodbye to a sister that is moving to arizona for eight years. saying goodbye to bad habits, even though you know they'll roll around again. saying goodbye to bad experiences, ones that are impossible to forget. saying goodbye to the beautiful summer weather, and being warm. saying goodbye to your high school class, knowing you'll probably never associate with them again. saying goodbye to your bed every morning. saying goodbye to an ex-boyfriend; giving their clothes back, forgetting all the memories, the amazing moments you shared. & the little things that instantly remind you of them.

even though it seems impossible, with a little faith we can do it. so if you're reading this, and you're missing something that you've said goodbye to, know that i'm missing it too. and i'm here to listen.

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  1. hey Sky :) I stumbled across your blog a few days ago. I don't blog but I thought I would still leave a comment and just say thank you for what you've written. Truly, you have such a big heart. and thats such a blessing because you have the capacity to love greater, and not everyone understands that. But you never know just who you might touch, the thought alone to know someone else feels and understands some of the same feelings as me is comforting to know. But even moreso its good to know that there are brave amazing women out there who battle through a lot and still have big hearts. <3 thanks.