all good things come to an end.

fall break wasnt even good! i had such high hopes for this break. people were either working or out of town or i felt like crap with my rare disease.

anyways. he broke up with me. no easy way to put it. it was a miserable night. but time to move on to bigger and better things right? (see me trying to be positive?;)) i dont care who you are or what the situation is; your self-esteem just drops when you're dumped. didnt see this coming either which makes it suck that much more. but hey, i learned so much about myself and the person i want to be while being with him. so if you're reading, thank you. i value the time we spent together.


  1. who is 'he'? do i need to kick some butt?

    if you need a treat run, or something. even someone to just sit and walk chick flicks with while shoving down the ice cream,..call me. i'll cry with you.

    love you baby girl!

  2. love you so much. you'll get through it sky girl. :) and find someone even better for you!