my best friends.

a few nights ago i was reuinted with the besties. now let me just explain the love i feel for these two girls. they are the sweetest!! the sweetest. i love being with them because i know there wont be any drama. we have our own little adventures, its joyful. we go way back to seventh grade and i cant imagine my high school years without them. so here's to my TWINNERS. the man who asks for their hand in marriage will be a lucky one.

we started our adventure by going to get shave ice in lucy. then we went and rented easy A at redbox. then we decided to go get some drinks at the gas station and mozy on over to the T. boring status there. we went to wendy's, ordered mucho food, and went back to capture some kodak's. 
p.s. we may have broken the law..and taken out some pedestrians.

to take a gander at them individually, you can find them here. 

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