here's the answer to your question.

"why are you completely throwing me out of your life?"

well here's your answer. i'm just too scared to say this to your face.

you scare me. frankly, i'm ending it so you wont. i think i loved the thought of you being mine and you wouldnt be. understandable..the girls at BYU are just going to eat you up. you dont want to be committed to me. but HEY. i am not one of those girls, i dont need the title to be pleased. but i do need some reassurance that when i'm talking to you about something that means a lot to me, you're not picturing what i look like naked. i cant tell you how funny you are. if i need a giggle buddy, your number is the first number i'd type in my keypad. there's equality in everything. you're a good cuddle buddy. i want you to know i dont think i spent my whole summer wasted on you. perfect summer romance. but it started to turn into more than that. i was getting invested. my family loved you. and when we start to involve families, everything changes. if we were the same age, and had the same plan in life, we'd be eternal. but i'm a senior in high school, you're not going to be the supportive boyfriend that comes and watches me cheer at the football games because everyone would look at you like the super senior. although i'm not the most involved person at THS, i dont want to waste my senior year. the jealousy would get to the both of us. you start to fight for me when i start to run. its the game of the chase. you understand 100% that i would bust my butt so i could spend more time with you. but when you realize we only have an hour to hang out you decide to mozy your way down to my house. i'm willing to put you first if its reciprocated.

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